Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Agro-Know WiKi page

Some of my colleagues @ Agro-Know have spent a significant amount of time working on Agro-Know's wiki page (creating pages, uploading information etc.). There you may find additional information about Agro-Know, the projects AK is involved in, related activities/events, handbooks developed by the team, short CVs of the team's members etc.

You should check that out when you have the time!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

09/08/2011 - Tasks

[Organic.Balkanet] Working on a handbook for creating metadata descriptions for training units in Organic.Balkanet MOLE platform
[Organic.Balkanet] Working on revisions for D2.2
[Organic.Lingua] Supporting processes that support the multilinguality purposes of the project.
[CerOrganic] Working on minor issues that came up in the CerOrganic MOLE platform
[VOA3R] Supporting the VOA3R Confolio tool during the Testing Phase of Content Population

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back on the track

My trilogy of consecutive business trips

  1. Organic.Balkanet 4th project meeting (Maribor, Slovenia) 28/6-1/7/2011
  2. ISLE Summer School (Malta) 4-8/7/2011 and
  3. EFITA 2011 Conference / 2011 VOA3R Workshop (Prague, Czech Republic) 11-15/7/2011
may have been fun and it was nice meeting all these people but along with 10 days of summer vacations have really disorganized me, as I usually had limited access to internet along with limited free time. As a result, a lot of emails were left unreplied and tasks were left behind for more than one month... I am still struggling to cope up with all this amount of work and new emails/tasks arrive constantly.

I still have a significant task to accomplish, which may help me not to lose time during my next trips: Email migration from Windows Live Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird. Since I use one computer at the office and another one during my trips, it is really hard to sync my emails (more specifically to keep the folder structure) between these computers, using the POP3 email accounts of my university and my work (I would have no problem if the accounts were IMAP). I have found no way to keep my inbox (with the current folder structure) in an external hard disk using Windows Live Mail. On the other hand, Mozilla Thunderbird looks much more flexible and easy to use in this way. In addition, there is already a Portable Edition of Thunderbird, which may be easily installed in the external hard drive and then I will be able to access my email from any computer, keeping the folder structure intact.

For this I will need to get my hands on an external hard disk. I am looking forward to buying a Western Digital My Passport Essential USB 3.0 500GB; any color will do the job! Maybe a 320GB version will be fine for my emails, too, so I keep my eyes open. In this direction, all my emails will be primarily stored in my external HD and the HD of my different computers will only be used for backup purposes.

This migration will be a hard decision to make, as it will require time and effort, but it has to be done. If I could only find a way to store my Windows Live Mail inbox in an external HD...